About Bill Heyman

About Bill Heyman

I love technology. As a lifelong software consultant, I enjoy learning about new software and computer technologies as not only a vocation, but also as an avocation. Coupled with my interest in philosphy, I like exploring the impact of technologies on people and society.

I love designing and building software. Over the years, I’ve engaged with clients large and small to build mobile apps, web sites, data analytics, workflow, and signal processing software. Through my companies CodeMorphic and Snappy Minds, I’ve built hundreds of mobile apps for iOS and Android for companies large and small.

I’m a survivor. I’ve experienced advanced cancer as both a patient and as a caregiver of a close loved one. My experiences have given me a grounded view on life and I’m always open to helping others facing similar situations learn that they’re not alone. Facing cancer is never easy. Living outside of cancer can be possible.

My interests include:

I’m a full-stack developer, with deep skills in:

More details about my techie life can be found at bytecoder.com. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with honors from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Go, Badgers!

Besides English, I can speak some French and Russian.